The 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Install Right Now

The 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Install Right Now

Best Google Chrome Extensions

There are over 1 billion active users of Google Chrome. It is the most popular web browser of all time. However, many of its users are unaware of Google Chrome Extensions. A Google Chrome extension is a small software program that enhance your web browsing experience. These extensions are easy to install and often easy to use.

To install a Google Chrome extension, first you must go to the Chrome Web Store. Once you are there, search for an extension you want. When you find it, click the “Add extension” button next to the extension. To use the extension, just click the extension icon that is located to the right of the address bar.

There are thousands of ways Google Chrome Extensions can positively benefit your daily life. Extensions can make it easier to stay on task, easier to make lists, and easier to see how much time you’ve spent on a website. They can help you take notes, or cite your sources. They can help you condense your tabs, and take some of the weight off of your processor’s shoulders when it comes to running multiple tabs in the background.

Extensions can make your Google Chrome browser look nicer and run faster. There are extensions that can play ambient noise to help you focus or relax and others that can make viewing videos easier, and make enlarging pictures as simple as hovering your mouse over the desired image. To get the most out of Google Chrome’s extensions, it is best to think about what you want out of your browser, then go to the webstore. However, we have saved you some time and compiled a list of our favorite 15 Google Chrome Extensions for 2017 to download right now.

15 Best Chrome Extensions in 2017

1. Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline-Best Chrome Extensions

This extension is pretty self-explanatory as it allows you to read your inbox offline, as well as type out and queue a message to be sent next time you connect to the internet. Considering that over 1 billion people now use Gmail, it is easy to see why this extension is so popular.

2. Momentum

Momentum-Best Google Chrome Extension

Momentum allows you to transform the “new tab” page into your own personal dashboard. The new tab page will display the time, a personalized greeting, inspirational quotes, weather reports, to-do lists, links to your favorite websites, and more!

3. Ultidash

Ultidash-Best Google Chrome Extensions

Ultidash is similar to momentum, but tailored for those of you who work on the internet. It transforms the new tab page into a center for productivity. You can view how much time you spent on a specific website, you can block distracting websites, and use a “concentration timer”. The extension also features visually interesting photos, weather forecasts, and inspirational quotes.

4. Google Chrome Extension

For the busy-bodies out there, this extension is a helpful to-do list. It can sync with other apps and your desktop to flawlessly create a to-do list. You can create new lists, reminders, notes, share tasks, all with a drag and drop interface that is easy to use.

5. Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow- Best Google Chrome Extension

Do you struggle with spending too much time on social media, reddit, and other distracting websites? Strict workflow is an extension designed to limit the time you waste on the internet. It sets up a 25-minute countdown that blocks popular time-wasting websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc., When the 25-minute timer is done, you are allowed 5 minutes of free time before the timer restarts. This extension is a great way to force yourself to be productive!

6. Noisli

Noisli- Best Google Chrome Extension

This unique extension plays ambient noises in the background. You can choose which ambient noises you prefer. Some are better for concentrating, others are better for relaxing. Finding the right ambient noise for you is a great way to increase the use you get out of Google Chrome.

7. OneTab

OneTab- Best Google Chrome Extension

If you always have way too many open tabs in your browser, do yourself a favor and go download OneTab extension immediately. This extension compresses every open tab into one tab. This frees up space in your browser, while still keeping those old tabs in a place where you can easily go back to.

8. The Great Suspender

If you need to download OneTab, go ahead and download The Great Suspender as well. Open tabs drain your PC’s processing power quickly. The Great Suspender extension suspends the need for your processor to be spending so much energy on all of the tabs. This will allow your device to function well for much longer.

9. Cite This For Me: Web Citer

A must-have for college students, this is another self-explanatory app. This app allows you to easily cite what you’re reading in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard and save those citations for your clipboard, so they are easy to refer back to later.

10. Turn Off The Lights

This extension darkens the lighting in your browser when you view videos. This makes video viewing a more atmospheric experience, while making it easier on your eyes. This will also save your battery life if installed on a mobile device.

11. VideoStream

VideoStream allows you to stream videos from your PC, tablet, or mobile device to a Chromecast or Android TV without any other software needed. VideoStream supports subtitles, and can stream 1080p resolution.

12. The Camelizers

For the avid online shoppers, The Camelizers is an unobtrusive Chrome extension that saves price history information from websites you visit. It also allows you to sign up for price alerts.

13. Honey

Honey is another great extension for online shoppers. Honey automatically finds and applies coupons for you whenever you check out. All you have to do is hit the “Find Savings” button prior to checking out.

14. Ad-block Plus

Are you tired of pesky ads ruining your internet experience? Get rid of them with AdBlock Plus. This free extension will block ads before YouTube videos, pesky pop up ads, and sidebar ads.

15. Hover Zoom

This extension zooms over any picture you put your mouse on. This eliminates the need to open new tabs or clicking on thumbnails. This is especially recommended for those with bad eyesight.

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